"Creating an intruiguing product with nothing but your imagination and an empty sheet of paper, fascinates me and drives me every single day." 

David`s passion for asthetic design and his great perception for detail give our zuri bikes their unique character. He is in his element when he talks about the material and component selection or the color options available. His ideas for designing new products are limitless – always with a clear vision of finding the most beautiful solution.

Before developing his passion for zuri David's home was the brand world of adidas in the areas of product marketing, sales and communication. A side step into the world of startups has convinced him to concentrate on what he is best at – his passion for design, bikes and natural materials.

At zuri David is responsible for marketing, communication, sales, web design and logistics.




“zuri is my answer to the question of the future of sustainable urban mobility and the economic development of Africa.”

Philipp`s passion for social entrepreneurship, sustainable and lifestyle-oriented mobility and the development of Africa are the foundation of zuri.

zuri is the result of his vision to produce a close to zero-emission bicycle out of high-end sustainable resources, that is more unique and stylish than any comparable bike and at the same time to help an entire community in Zambia out of poverty.

Before founding zuri, Philipp worked as a project manager for a leading management consulting firm developing sustainability and growth strategies, as well as business model innovations. His next assignment with the World Economic Forum convinced him that social entrepreneurship is the answer to the development of Africa.

At zuri Philipp is responsible for strategy, finance and procurement.



"When I was 15 I crossed the Alps with my father for the first time - on a bicycle. Ever since, I cannot imagine a life without bikes and this fascinating sport."

Sören's passion for bikes accompanies him already his entire life. Over the past 25 years he saw every trend coming and some going. In his free time he is enthusiastically participating in MTB-Marathon races across Europe, spinning and MTB- technical driving instructor.

He originally is a skilled carpenter and therefore has a very special relationship tour our frames and great passion for natural raw materials. Through his longtime experience as frame tester for the bike industry, Sören posses an enormous technical know how and a very subtle feeling for bikes, geometries and it's components.

Sören consults zuri in all technical matters and is responsible for bike testing.

Team Englisch


Zambikes is a social business that manufactures, assembles and distributes high quality bicycles, bicycle ambulances and cargo bicycle trailers to the underprivileged, empowering individuals to fight the mindset of poverty and address the economic and social needs of Zambia. The bicycles are distributed to medical workers, pastors, teachers and developing entrepreneurs allowing each recipient to travel three times as fast than by foot. The bicycle ambulances address the transport bottleneck by allowing patients to be ferried to health facilities in a faster and more comfortable way. The cargo bicycle trailer allows the individual using it to carry up to three times more load (due to increased capacity of up to 300kg). This not only increases efficiency but also earning power.

Zambikes is set up as a Social Enterprise run as a for profit company with a social footprint. Focusing on community development, vocational and leadership training, and developing relevant custom “Zambian” products makes Zambikes different than other Companies in Zambia.